Adachi-ga Hara
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7.4Animation, ScienceFiction1991Japan

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A science-fiction fantasy based loosely on the classical Japanese Noh theatre drama Adachi-ga Hara about the demon Onibaba, of which lyrical extracts are quoted at intermission-like intervals throughout the film. The plot centres on a journey made by a space pilot named Yūkei who arrives at a planet upon which a murderous "witch" is said to reside.

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Kenji Utsumi
Kenji UtsumiDamokuresu voice
Miki Ito
Miki ItoAnny voice
Hisako Kyoda
Hisako KyodaWitch voice
Ritsuo Sawa
Ritsuo SawaCaretaker voice
Koji Tsujitani
Koji TsujitaniYuukei voice


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