Craig Before the Creek
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Animation, Family, TVMovie, Adventure2023United States

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Before he was Craig of the Creek, he was just Craig — a new kid in a new town. All Craig wants is to go back to his old friends at his old home. But when he learns that the nearby creek is hiding a lost treasure that could make his wish come true, Craig sets off on a journey to find it — navigating the perilous suburban wilderness, forging new friendships, all while being pursued by a fearsome band of pirates who are bent on destroying the Creek itself.

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Philip Solomon
Philip SolomonCraig Warpspeed voice
Nol Wells
Nol WellsKelsey Bug Batlter Mortimor ...
Michael Croner
Michael CronerJP Kraken Kid Bryan Todd F...
Vico Ortiz
Vico OrtizSerena voice
Phil LaMarr
Phil LaMarrBernard Teach Waterballoon M...
Zehra Fazal
Zehra FazalGala Shannon the Scout Tatto...
Jessica McKenna
Jessica McKennaHandlebarb voice
Gunnar Sizemore
Gunnar SizemoreJason Kah Boom voice
Andree Vermeulen
Andree VermeulenEliza Andy voice
Dana Davis
Dana DavisKit voice
Terrence Hardy Jr
Terrence Hardy JrHarry Norman Ankles voice
Karen Fukuhara
Karen FukuharaAlexis voice


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